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Feb 19, 2013 5:00pm EST
cleaver that will hurt the economy. >> it will hurt our economy. it will add hundreds of thousands of americans to the unemployment rolls. people will lose their jobs. >> there could be a significant budget cuts. the national park service. it could affect some of our area's most iconic vacations. >> leon, i should tell you that park service officials are taking the possibility of sequestration very seriously. in fact, they released a statement today and the public should be ready for reduced hours and services at many popular locations. the storm clouds that moved over great falls today, perhaps an omen of dark days ahead for this national park, which the possibility of looming budget cuts. this is part of this man's daily routine. >> for someone like me who likes nature. >> sequestration, the massive budget cuts that go into effect in 10 days, call for the reduction in funding for the national park service, including great falls. the impact will be felt particularly hard in washington, d.c., the national park land. the budget to maintain many popular tourist destinations would be cut
Feb 21, 2013 5:00pm EST
the last minute deal will take effect on march 1. yank $13.5ill billion out of the local economy. we have more now on how this could impact all of us. >> with so much money off the table and billions of dollars out of the economy, and economists say everyone will feel the sting from sequestration if it does take effect, but especially the small businesses where profit margins are tight. >> a major investment in a new business just as the driving force of the local economy could take a big swipe out of spending. >> we're hoping we are not too effective but i guess we will see. >> it dream come true for several friends. >> we have taken a leap of faith in the academy. >> but right now, they fear an unpleasant reality. yearsa is a couple of into her own salon and 40% of her profits come from other than basic care cuts. she believes billions of dollars at the local economy will take a bite out of her business. >> i feel like it will effect us on a large scale. in neighborhoods where you hear a lot of shops, they rely on foot traffic and disposable income. >> a lot of people come through.
Feb 18, 2013 5:00pm EST
, right? the economy is hurting right now. we cannot afford this. >> experts say they have never seen guys presses -- gotgas prices go up this much so early in the year. >> coming up, a mother speaks out after man is accused of slapping her 2-year-old child on a flight. her reaction and what happened to the suspect. >> a big break in the search for that meeting or that exploded in the skies over russia. >> the university of maryland student is >> friends are shedding new light on the university of maryland student stabbed to death of her homecoming weekend. >> police searched for the man responsible. brad ellis on campus for the latest. >> a very sad day out here at the university of maryland's eastern shore. this young man was very well known and very well liked. he leaves behind a girlfriend he was eight months pregnant. >> this is edmund st. claire performing under one of his stage names. his family says he loved music and he was also a serious student, who hoped to become a surgeon. >> he does more to prove a point, like sen the message. >> he set the example of how to be a good p
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3